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The two-sided beans – fill the frame

Fill the frame game

Play this game with children so that they practise:

  • counting
  • subitising small numbers
  • using mathematical language – how many more?
  • seeing 5 and 10 as benchmark numbers

Fill the frame to 5

You need two-sided beans and a 5-frame for each player.

Each player takes a turn to:

  • Put 3 beans in their cup.
  • Shake and spill the beans.
  • Put the red beans on the 5-frame and say “I have ….. red beans. I need …..more to make 5”.

Keep playing until someone has 5 red beans.

Note: at the beginning of each turn a player checks they have 3 beans in their cup.

Screenshot 2018-03-05 14.37.42

Fill the frame to 10

The same rules as fill the frame to 5 but each player has a 10-frame and puts 5 beans in the cup on each turn.

Screenshot 2018-03-05 14.47.23


How many red beans has Digit Dog now got?

How can he work it out? Encourage children to fill the top row first – I can split the 5 beans into 2 and 3, use the 2 to make 5 on the top row and have 3 more on the bottom.

How many more will he need to make 10? How do you know?




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