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Exploring 10 with 2-sided beans – Fill the frame

Fill the frame game

Play this game with children so that they practise:

  • counting
  • subitising small numbers
  • using mathematical language – how many more?
  • seeing 5 and 10 as benchmark numbers

Fill the frame to 10

Work with a small group. You need two-sided beans and a 10-frame for each player. Each player takes a turn to:

  • Put 5 beans in their cup.
  • Shake and spill the beans.
  • Put the red beans thrown onto the 10-frame and say “I have …… beans. I need ……more to make 10”.

Keep playing until someone has 10 beans.

At the beginning of each turn children will need to put more beans in their cup and check they have 5 beans.

During the game, make sure that learners describe the number of beans using full sentences.

Screenshot 2018-03-05 14.47.23


What do you notice about Digit Dog and Calculating Cat’s game? Who has most red beans? How many red beans will Digit Dog have when he puts his last throw on his frame?

How can he work it out? Encourage children to fill the top row first and talk about how they are partitioning the beans – I can split the 5 beans I have thrown into 2 and 3, use the 2 to make 5 on the top row and have 3 more on the bottom. 5 and 3 equals 8. This shows the importance of 5 as a benchmark number – numbers greater than 5 can be described as 5 and some more.

How many more will he need to make 10? How do you know?

Talk about the number of spaces left to fill. I have 8 red beans altogether and need 2 more to make 10. The 10-frame provides a good visual image of numbers and their relationship to 5 and 10.

Screenshot 2019-03-21 17.52.09

Download the Exploring 10 – Fill the Frame challenge card here.





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