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Two-sided beans – Under the Cup

Under the Cup

beans under cup

How can you work out how many beans are under Digit Dog’s cup?

Explain how you know.

Convince me you’re right.

How do you think Calculating Cat used the 5-frame to help her work it out?

What if Digit Dog had 3 beans on top? How many would be underneath?


Play Under the Cup

Each player has a cup and 5 beans and takes turns to hide some of their beans under their cup.

Everyone closes their eyes and Player 1 puts some beans on top of their cup and some underneath. Everyone opens their eyes and Player 1 says “I have 5 beans altogether. I have ….beans on top of my cup. How many are hidden?” The other players work out how many beans are under the cup and explain how they know. Convince me that you’re right.

Encourage learners to visualise the beans under the cup. How many more do you need to make 5?

Use the 5-frames to help children begin to visualise. They need an action and an image before they can work out this problem mentally.

Step 1

Move the beans from the top of the cup and put them on the frame and say how many more are needed to make 5.

beans under cup 2

Step 2

Have the frame in front of learners but visualise the beans on it rather than actually move them. Imagine that the beans are moving. Describe what you can “see”.

Step 3

Remove the frame but visualise it. Visualise the frame and moving the beans onto it.

Screenshot 2018-03-07 13.26.18


Use Numicon shapes in the same way as the frames to help visualise the problem.





Screenshot 2018-03-07 13.36.58.png

Screenshot 2019-03-22 09.12.08

Download the challenge card here

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