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What’s the question?

Digit Dog’s answer is 6 bones. What could the question be? Calculating Cat has thought of one question. How many questions can you think of?

6 bones

Encouraging learners to ask their own questions:

  • helps deepen their conceptual understanding.
  • encourages creativity and flexibility in thinking.
  • develops their strategic competence because they need to understand the structure of mathematical problems in order to make up their own. Creating your own questions is a challenging task.
  • develops their use of mathematical language and communication skills.
  • encourages use of logical reasoning as they explain their thinking and work systematically with the numbers in the questions they create.

Start with making up some subtraction questions like Calculating Cat’s question:

Digit Dog had 8 bones for his dinner. He ate 2. How many are left?  8 – 2 = 6

What if Digit Dog had a different number of bones to start with? Explore some different numbers. Which numbers can you use? Which can’t you use? What happens to the number of bones he eats if you change the number of bones he starts with?

Digit Dog had 9 bones for his dinner. He ate 3. How many are left?  9 – 3 = 6

Digit Dog had 10 bones for his dinner. He ate 4. How many are left?  10 – 4 = 6

Look for patterns. Work systematically.

What else could happen to the bones? Calculating Cat says he eats some. He could hide some, give some away, lose some……………be creative. Make up some funny problems. Remember his answer is 6 bones.

What if………..

………you made up some problems using addition? For example, Digit Dog had 4 bones, Calculating Cat gave him 2 more. How many does he have now? 4 + 2 = 6



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