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Patterns with tiles

Use 4 of the pattern tiles (download here) to make as many different designs as you can.

Digit Dog and Calculating Cat have arranged the tiles into a square.

What do you notice about the patterns they have made? Can you think of a way of describing the patterns?

What is the same? What is different?

How many different patterns do you think you could make by arranging the tiles in a square?

Try it. Take some pictures of your designs.

How will you know you have found all the ways?

Is there a way of being systematic? Explain your thinking.

What if……..

…….. you only made symmetrical designs?

…….. you arranged the tiles in a straight line?

…….. you used more than 4 tiles?

…….. you designed your own tile?

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Counting games

Digit Dog and Calculating Cat have been practising their counting skills by playing the Incey Wincey Spider  (Nursery and Reception) game (Year 1 and 2) from


Digit Dog and Calculating Cat enjoyed the game so much that they made their own version of the game.


The game is for two players – one is Digit Dog, the other Calculating Cat.

You need:  One dice, one counter.

Digit Dog wants to get to the bone, Calculating Cat wants to get to the fish.

Put the counter on start.

Take turns to throw the dice and move the counter. Both players move the same counter – Digit Dog moves the counter towards the bone, Calculating Cat moves it towards the fish.

The winner is the one who gets to the food first.


Use two dice – throw the two dice and choose which dice you want to use.

Use two dice – add the numbers on the dice and use the total for your move.

Use two dice – find the difference between the numbers on the two dice and use the difference for your move.