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“Making Connections” Between the Mathematics and Numeracy and Language, Literacy and Communication AoLEs

Join Lynwen Barnsley and Helen Bowen for a full-day LIVE ONLINE ZOOM COURSE on May 7th 2021

The day will be full of practical ideas for making links between the Mathematics and Numeracy and the Language, Literacy and Communication AoLEs. As we begin to embed the new curriculum over the next few years, schools will need to explore how they can make manageable links between AoLEs. How can we use literacy skills in a meaningful way to develop and improve mathematical understanding? Where is the natural overlap?

We will explore and discuss:

  •  Where is the literacy in mathematics? Where are the opportunities for developing literacy skills?
  • What are the good speaking, listening and reading strategies that can help make sense of mathematics and develop reasoning skills?
  • Do you have a toolkit to support talk in mathematics and numeracy? Is it consistent? Is it progressive? Are pupils able to use the toolkit independently, at home as well as in school?

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