These booklets have been written to support the Digit Dog challenges that appear on Twitter. They are available in English and in Welsh.

They give detailed guidance on how to introduce, complete and extend the challenge with links to developing numerical reasoning skills. There are sections common to all the challenges that have  suggestions for questions, strategies and things to discuss.

Engage in the challenge

Do the challenge 

Organise your work

Explain your thinking

The What if? section suggests ways to extend the problem and new investigations to try.

“These are fantastic! They are really clear as guides for teachers and give nice ideas for how to run the session. I like the stages of the activity and the way each leaflet follows the same pattern – gives a great structure that once used a few times will help teachers embed the process of teaching reasoning. I can see how the children would be able to use reading behaviours during this type of session too – APK, self-monitoring, connections etc. The Oracy opportunities are strong also – language of description, explanation, instruction, all in a fun context. I love Digit Dog’s image – he looks amazing and will really appeal to the Foundation Phase”.
Mari Hockin Deputy Headteacher, Birchgrove Primary, Swansea and Former Head of Curriculum Support Unit, City and County of Swansea.

The Booklets are also available on


Challenges investigating number patterns
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Challenges investigating number patterns

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Challenges investigating number patterns

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