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Another Present Challenge

Choose one of the presents, make multiple copies and challenge children to use 2 Numicon shapes to cover the space on it.

Use Digit Dog as a starting point:



Digit Dog and Calculating Cat have found 2 Numicon shapes to fit on their present.

I wonder how many different ways they can do it?


What do you notice?

How will they know if they have found all the ways?   Explain your thinking.

Can you put the presents in order?

What if…….

They used more than 2 shapes?

They tried one of the other presents?






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Cover the Present – a Digit Dog challenge

Digit Dog and Calculating Cat are trying to find the Numicon shape that fits on their presents.





Present Challenge 1

Spread out one set of presents (download here) and one set of Numicon shapes.

Ask: Which shape fits each present?

Which shapes are easy to find? Why?

Which are more difficult? Why?

For more of a challenge:  Put the Numicon shapes in a feely bag. Choose one present, then feel in the bag to see if you can find the shape that fits it.

Ask children to reason about which shape could fit on each present:

What are you thinking?

Which shape do you think it will be?

Which shape can’t it be?

Is it bigger than the red shape? Is it smaller than the purple?

Which shapes are easy / hard to find?