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Daily maths practice with Digit Dog

What do children need to practise daily?

In order for children to develop computational fluency they need to have a daily routine where they practise:

  • Counting;
  • Remembered facts;
  • Using number relationships to do calculations.

Children need the opportunity to:

  • Talk mathematically;
  • Discuss and solve problems;
  • Be creative;
  • Use reasoning skills.

Follow Digit Dog for ideas to engage children in mathematical conversations.


Flik-flaks available to download from

This month: Using flik-flaks

Flik-flaks are a versatile resource that can be used in your daily maths practice session.

In small group situations, each child can have a flik-flak and respond to “show me….” questions. In whole class sessions, the adult can use the flik-flak as a focus for practising counting, number bonds and calculation skills.

Use flik-flaks to practise:

  • Counting
  • Subitising (recognising small amounts without counting)
  • Number bonds
  • Multiplication facts
  • Using mathematical language
  • Using reasoning skills.

Coming next: ideas for using flik-flaks – questions and activities.

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