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Mouse Count 6

More thinking about the mice

This time we are trying to find out how many mice the snake started with.

Screenshot 2018-05-01 18.50.04

How many mice were in the snake’s bucket to begin with?

How can we work it out?  The important thing is to make sense of the problem. Encourage children to explain what they did and why it makes sense in this context. Whatever they use, do and say should be clear enough for someone else to understand their thinking.

Learners might want to:

  • use some toy mice to help make sense of the problem
  • act it out with their friends
  • explain the problem in their own words
  • use counters to represent mice
  • draw pictures of the mice
  • use a part-whole model
  • visualise the mice
  • use a ten frame and mice or counters
  • use Numicon shapes or Cuisennaire rods
  • use number bonds


What about this problem?

What’s different? What’s the same?

Can you use the same strategy to solve it?

What are you thinking?

Screenshot 2018-05-02 08.36.56




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