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Mouse Splat

Digit Dog and Calculating Cat are playing a game of Mouse Splat. To play the game, first decide on the total number of mice. Put a digit card in the empty box.

Player One close your eyes.

Player Two hide some of the mice under the splat.

Player One open your eyes and work out how many mice are hidden.

Explain how you worked it out. Convince your partner that you are right.Mouse Splat 8

Encourage learners to explain how they worked out the number of mice hiding. They might:

  • Use a Numicon shape and toy mice or pegs (or visualise them like Calculating Cat);
  • Use a 10 frame and objects;
  • Use a number track;
  • Draw a picture;
  • Just know the number bond.

Record some number sentences to show how many different ways the mice can hide.

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