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Christmas challenge – day 16

Christmas treats – how many ways?

Eating treats.png

How many different ways could Digit Dog eat his treats?

Which one will he eat first, second, third?

How many ways do you think there could be?

How will you know when you have found all the different ways he could do it?

How are you going to record the different ways?

What about………

…….using the pictures of the treats?

…….drawing pictures of the treats?

…….writing the names or initials of the treats?

…….using a table to organise your work?

Think about how you can organise your work. How can you be systematic so that you can convince everyone that you have found all the different ways?

What if…..

……….he had a lollipop as well?

Would there then be more ways or fewer ways?

A lot more? Just a few more? Why do you think that?

Did you try the Christmas Tree Decoration Challenge on Day 11? What is the same and what is different about the two challenges? What skills and strategies did you use in both of them?

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