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Making patterns 2

Digit Dog has made another AB pattern using buttons.

buttons AB

Can you work out the rule?

What sort of button would come next?

Play What’s missing?

what's missing buttons

What sort of button needs to go in the gap?

Make your own repeating pattern, take one object away and ask someone to work out what is missing.

You can use anything to make a pattern………..

Screenshot 2020-06-01 12.24.47Screenshot 2020-06-01 12.24.41

Look at Calculating Cat’s pattern.

Screenshot 2020-06-01 12.28.50

What is the rule?

Why is it different from the previous patterns?

This pattern has 3 objects in the repeat.

Orange, blue, pink, orange, blue, pink ………..

ABC, ABC………….

What colour button comes next?

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