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Christmas card questions

Choose a Christmas card and see how many mathematical questions you can ask about it.

Card by Louise Cole for DementiaUK (2020)

How many sheep are wearing headphones? How many are not wearing them?

How many sheep are upside down? How many are the right way up?

Use concrete resources and number sentences to explain your answers.

One sheep is holding a present, 9 sheep are not. There are 10 sheep altogether. 1 + 9 = 10, 10 – 1 = 9.

Use the words more than, fewer than, less than in your questions.

How many fewer sheep are upside down than are the right way up?

How many more presents do they need so that all the sheep have one?

What’s the difference between the number of sheep with scarves and the number without?

How many legs are there? How do you know? How did you count them?

How many eyes?

Ask some what if questions:

What if one more sheep came along? How many would there be?

What if 3 sheep ran away?

What if 2 more sheep put a hat on?

How many more sheep would you need to make a larger triangle? Explain your thinking. What do you notice?

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