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More maths with bugs

Another activity inspired by A Remainder of One

The members of the 16th Bug Squadron have organised themselves for the Queen’s parade.

Screenshot 2018-06-06 12.20.39

Is Calculating Cat correct? Or has she made a mistake?

What do you notice about the bugs?

What can you say about:

  • the number of rows?
  • the number of colums?
  • the number of bugs?
  • patterns in the numbers on their backs?
  • diagonal patterns?
  • odd ones out?
  • totals of spots?
  • their eyes?


Could the 16th Squadron organise themselves in a different way?

Remember each row has to have the same number of bugs in it because “the queen likes things tidy”.

The bottle top bugs are easy to make with a Sharpie pen and goggly eyes (I got mine from The Works)

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