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Easter counting competition

How many objects can you fit in the egg?

Digit Dog and Calculating Cat are trying to fill their plastic eggs with as many objects as they can.

Give each child an empty plastic Easter egg and ask them to fill it with as many objects as they can.

fill the egg




Fill the egg Cy

Count the objects to see who has the most. Ask children to organise the objects so that they can see how many there are without counting in ones.

They can do this by:

  1. Putting the objects into the holes on Numicon ten-shapes. How many do you have?  “I have one ten and seven”.
Calculating Cat’s objects.
Digit Dog’s objects.

How many objects does Digit Dog have? Don’t count in ones.

Does he have more or fewer objects than Calculating Cat? Explain how you know.

2. Organising the objects into the Numicon shape patterns to help organise the count.

Screenshot 2018-03-23 08.27.30

Screenshot 2018-03-23 08.27.39

3. Putting the objects on a 10-frame.

Calculating Cat
Digit Dog

Who collected the most objects? How do you know?

How many more objects does Calculating Cat need so that she has 20? How can you work it out by looking at the 10-frame?

4. Putting the objects in egg boxes.

Calculating Cat
Digit Dog

Who won the competition? Who had more objects? Who had fewer objects? Can you quickly count the objects?

What is the largest number of objects that you could fit in the egg?

Can you write the number? Can you build the number with Numicon or Base 10 resources?

Make a class list to record the number of objects each child collects. Compare the numbers. Order the numbers.

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