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Easter estimating 2

An estimation activity inspired by

Open the powerpoint, show the first slide and ask:

How many eggs do you think are in the pot?

Take some estimations and then reveal the answer.

Show the second slide. The first image is the pot from Slide 1.

Click to reveal a second image and ask:

How many are there in this pot? How are we going to estimate? Are there more or fewer than the first pot? How many more/fewer? Discuss some estimations before revealing the answer.

Click to reveal a third image. What about this pot? How many eggs? Ask for estimations and ask learners to explain why they chose the number they did. Why did you choose that number? Explain your reasoning.

Click to reveal the fourth image and see if learners are refining their strategies for estimating. Are they just guessing or are they using what they know about previous pots and reasoning about the number of eggs?

Estimating powerpoint








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