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Calculating with target boards

Develop fluency with the target boards. Use the target boards to:

  • recall and remember useful number facts;
  • use number facts to calculate mentally;
  • explain thinking and methods of calculating.
  • use mathematical language correctly.

Target board 1

Print Target Board 1 and a set of dog cards.

Match the dog cards to your target board.

Find two groups of dogs that make 5 altogether.

How do you know you are correct? How did you work it out? Explain your thinking. Can you find a different way of making 5?

Use the cards to record your pairs.

dog cards

What do you think? Will Calculating Cat be able to find more pairs of cards that total 5?

Write a number sentence for each of your pairs.

dog cards sentences

Can you put your pairs of cards in order? What patterns can you see?

Look at the target board again. Can you make some other totals? Can you use more than 2 groups of dogs to make some totals?

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