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100 square jigsaw

Digit Dog and Calculating Cat are doing a 100 square jigsaw. They are looking at each piece and deciding where it goes on the grid.

Screenshot 2020-06-18 12.37.30

Have a go at completing the puzzle.

Download the blank grid here. Download this 100 square and cut along the thicker lines to create the jigsaw pieces.

Think about which piece you are going to put in first. Why have you chosen that one? Which piece has the lowest number on it? Where does that go? How do you know?

Where does the highest number go?

Whenever you place a piece on the board, explain why you are placing it there.

Can you see patterns to help you?

Challenge yourself

  • Turn all the pieces face down. Turn over one piece at a time and work out where it goes on the grid. Explain your thinking.
  • If you want to try an interactive version of this puzzle, go to
  • Print this 100 square and cut out your own puzzle pieces for a friend to solve.




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