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Christmas Baubles


If you enjoyed Cover Santa’s Sleigh and Cover the Christmas Tree, here’s another version of the activities.

You need:

  • copies of the baubles (download and print – make sure you set the print scale at 100% so that the shapes are the corect size)
  • a set of Numicon® shapes.

Match the shapes to the spaces on the bauble.Cover the bauble

  1. Give learners a limited number of shapes to choose from to match the spaces on the bauble.  Can they find the shapes they need?
  2. Have a complete set of shapes for children to choose from.
  3. When the bauble is covered, one partner closes their eyes, the other takes away one shape. Which one is missing? Can you find it in the pile of shapes?
  4. For an extra challenge, put the shapes in a feely bag and find the ones you need by touch alone.
  5. Ask: Why does Calculating Cat think there might be more than one way of covering the shapes?

As learners are working, ask them to explain their thinking.

Why did you choose that shape?

How many shapes do you need?

Which shape do you think will fit here…..? Is it bigger than the orange shape?

Is the shape that goes here big or small? Bigger / smaller than a pink one?

Can you take away one shape and put two in its place?


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