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How many?

Design by Cordelia Hutchinson Ling Design produced for National Trust

Look at the card and see what you can count.

How many cats are smiling? How many are not?

How many cats are not wearing hats?

How many cats have stripes?

How many more cats have hats than have scarves?

How many fewer scarves are there than hats?

How many legs? How did you count them? Did you count in 2s or 4s?

How many eyes? Ears? Whiskers?

How many holly leaves?

How many more hats do they need so that all the cats are wearing one?

Make up some word problems

Ten cats are coming to the party, how many haven’t arrived yet?

At the beginning of the day there were 8 cats, how many have gone home?

Some cats were playing in the snow, 4 cats ran away and now only 6 are left. How many were there to start with?

Write some number sentences to go with the picture.

6 = 4 + 2 There are six cats altogether. Four cats standing plus 2 that are not.

6 = 1 + 5 There are 6 cats altogether. 1 cat holding holly and 5 not or 1 cat sleeping and 5 awake.

What if……..?

What if Calculating Cat joined in? How many cats would there be then?

What if 3 cats ran away? How many would be left?

What if two more cats fell asleep? How many would then be sleeping?

What if two more cats put on a scarf?

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