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Calculating Chicks

The chicks are hiding

Screenshot 2018-03-22 23.20.51

This type of word problem requires more thinking than the problems where the end result is unknown e.g. “There are 4 chicks in my egg and 4 chicks on the floor.  How many chicks are there altogether?”

Ask learners to:

  • Explain how to find out how many chicks are in the egg.
  • Describe the strategy they have used:
    • act it out – with children or toy chicks
    • use counters to represent the chicks
    • draw pictures
    • use an eight Numicon shape
    • use number bonds
  • Convince everyone that their answer is correct.

What number sentence can you write about the problem?

Make up some of your own problems like this one for your friend.

What if……….

………there were more than 8 chicks altogether?

………there were more or fewer chicks outside the egg?

…….the story wasn’t about chicks?


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