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Using Numicon® to find pairs that make 10

Digit Dog is looking for two Numicon® shapes that are equal to the 10 shape. Calculating Cat is challenging him to find another two shapes, and then another two, and then another two.

Making 10 with Numicon


Find one example, then another, then another, then one your friend hasn’t found is a good strategy to encourage learners to use their reasoning skills. Once they have found one pair of shapes challenge them to find another pair, ask:

Is this pair different?

How will you know when you have found all the pairs?

How are you going to record your work?

Look at the pairs that your friend has found. Are they the same? Different?

Are there any shapes you haven’t used? Why?

Encourage learners to check their pairs by putting them on the 10 shape.

Screenshot 2019-09-26 17.48.19Screenshot 2019-09-26 17.48.11

Can you put your pairs of shapes in order?

Why can’t you use the 5 shape?

What if……….

You choose three shapes to total 10? How many ways can you do it?



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