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Using Numicon® to find pairs that make 10…..again

Balancing 10

Numicon® shapes are weighted and so are the perfect resource for exploring equivalences. Make sure that learners have had the opportunity to play with the scales and the shapes before doing the challenge.


How are you going to record what you have found?

Learners might:

  1. Use the shapes and an equals sign (download here) as a record. Ask children to explain what they have done. Ask:

Are all the pairs different?

How do you know that your pair of shapes are equal to 10?

Screenshot 2019-10-17 18.09.55


2. Use a pan balance working board (download here) to record the shapes on.

Screenshot 2019-10-17 18.10.54

3. Select a written number sentence (download here) that matches their shapes.

Screenshot 2019-10-17 18.33.40

4. Record in their own way.

5. Record number sentences.

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