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Target board 3 – counting and recognising numbers

An important part of learning mathematics is using and understanding mathematical vocabulary. Children need this vocabulary to talk about their work, to ask questions and to explain their thinking.

Target boards are grids with numbers or pictures that can be used to practise using mathematical language.

Target board 3


Counting and recognising numbers with Target Board 3

Print Target Board 3. Point at any box on the target board and ask children to say the number. Point to a number and ask children to collect that number of objects. Put sets of objects more than 10 into groups of 10 and some more, e.g. 17 objects will be organised into one group of 10 and 7 more. Put the objects onto 10 frames to support this idea of a group 10 and some more.

Ask children to:

Find the number 12, or 16 or……….

Put the numbers in the first row in order. Which number is the smallest? Which number is the largest?

Find the number that is one more than 13, one more than 8……….

Find the number that is two more than 16, two more than 7………

Find the number that is one less than 15, one less than 19……….

Find the number that is two less than 20, two less than 5………

Find an odd number. Find an even number.

Does every column have an even number?

Does every column have an odd number?

Find the number that is ten more than 6, ten more than 5…….. What do you notice?

Find the number that is ten less than 16, ten less than 15…….. What do you notice?


Now get children to ask their own questions so that they learn to use the correct vocabulary.

Play Bingo.

You need a board each, sets of digit cards 1 – 20 (you will need one set per player) and objects to cover the numbers on the board (use buttons, counters, milk bottle tops, small toys.

Shuffle the digit cards and place in a pile face down. Take turns to turn over the top card, say the number and cover it on your board. The first to cover the board is the winner.


The winner is the first to complete a row or a column.

Play Ten More / Ten Less Bingo. Use digit cards 0 – 20. Take turns to turn over the top card, but say the number that is either 10 more or 10 less than the number on the card and find the new number on your board.



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