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Counting and calculating with target boards – numbers to 100

Develop fluency with the target boards. Use the target boards to:

  • recall and remember useful number facts;
  • use number facts to calculate mentally;
  • explain thinking and methods of calculating.
  • use mathematical language correctly

Target board 4

Print Target Board 4

  • Say each number out loud.
  • Say the numbers in order – from smallest to largest and back again.
  • Point at a number – how many tens and how many ones make that number?
  • Point at a number – what is 10 more than that number?
  • Point at a number and count in 10s from that number. How far can you count?

Look at the target board and:

Find two numbers that total / add up to 30 / 40 / 50.

Find more than two numbers that make those totals.

Choose your own totals to make.

Record your work.

  • How do you know you are correct?
  • How did you work it out? Explain your thinking.

Find two numbers with a difference of 10, a difference of 12………… What other differences can you find?


Find the column with the highest total. Which column is easiest to add up? Why?

Find the number that is double 14, double 7, double 20………..

Find the number that is half of 80, half of 36………

Find the answer to 5 x 2, 9 x 5, 3 x 4…………..make up some questions of your own.


Find numbers that are multiples of 5 (are in the 5 times table), multiples of 2, multiples of 10……..









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