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Collect the Coins – variations

Here are some variations for Digit Dog’s Collect the Coins game

Screenshot 2020-05-21 10.27.13

A game for two players

You need:

  • A counter for each player to move round the board.
  • A dice.
  • Coins to put in the bank (put them on the star).

To play the original game:

  • Each player choose a track and put your counter on start.
  • Take turns to throw the dice and move along the track.
  • Keep going round your track. If you land on the bank, collect two coins. If you pass through the bank, collect one coin.
  • The winner is the first to collect 5 coins.


Play the game until all the coins have gone from the bank. The winner is the person with the most coins. Count the coins then name the coins.

Put coins of different value in the bank. Play until all the coins have gone. The winner is the one with the largest amount of money.

Put coins of the same value in the bank e.g. all 5p coins to practise counting in 5s when the coins are totalled at the end of the game.

Decide on an amount to collect e.g. 10p. The winner is the first player to collect that amount exactly.

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