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Playing with cards 4

Odd addition

2 – 5 players

You need:

Digit cards 1 – 10 (a set for each player) or playing cards with the picture cards removed.

To play:

Shuffle the cards and place in the centre.

Each player takes two cards from the pile, adds the cards together and tells everyone the total.

If the total is odd, the player keeps the cards. If the total is even, the cards are returned to the centre pile.

Play ten rounds or until there are no cards left.

The winner is the player with most cards.

Screenshot 2020-06-08 12.22.57


  • Leave the picture cards in and give them a value e.g. J = 11, Q = 12, K =13
  • Subtract the numbers on the cards instead of adding.
  • Deal 3 cards to each person.
  • Keep adding the totals of the cards you keep. First player to reach a total of 50 wins.


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