Posted in Additive relationships, Calculating, Logical reasoning, Making totals

Finding pairs

Digit Dog and Calculating Cat are using one set of digit cards 1 – 10 and looking for pairs that make 10.

Screenshot 2020-06-15 09.32.44

Download a set of digit cards here. You will need cards 1 to 10. Print double-sided to have Digit Dog on the back!

Download a baseboard here. Print two.

How many pairs that make 10 can you make? Put the cards on the baseboard.

Can you use all the cards? Which cards are left over? Why?

Try making some other totals – remember you can only use one set of cards from 1 – 10.

What if you make 9? Which cards are left over? Why?

What about 8?  or 12?  or 13?  or 11? Investigate the number of pairs and the cards that you cannot use.

Record your work. Write down the pairs of numbers and their totals.


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