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Go Fish 10

You play Go Fish 10 in the same way as Go Fish but the aim of the game is to make pairs that add up to 10.

Print Digit Dog’s cards here. You need 4 sets for 2 -3 players.

To play:

Deal each player 7 cards and spread out the remaining cards face down on the table. The aim of the game is to find pairs of cards that add up to 10.

Each player takes a turn. During a turn the player:

  1. Looks at the cards in their hand, if they have any pairs that add up to 10, they put them in front of them, face up.
  2. They then ask another player if they have a particular card so that they can make another pair. For example, player 1 might have a 4 in their hand and so ask aplayer 2 “do you have a 6?” – the card they need to make a pair that adds to 10. If player 2 has a 6 card, then they must give it to player 1. If they don’t have a 6 card, they say “go fish” and player 1 takes a card from the pool of cards on the table.
  3. If the player gets the card they asked for, either from the pool or from the other player, then they put their pair of cards in front of them, face up.

The game ends when one player runs out of cards or there are no more cards in the pool. The winner is the player with most pairs in front of them.

What if………

………….you played the game by making pairs of cards with a difference of 1?

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