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Counting with Digit Dog

Digit Dog and Calculating Cat have been practising their counting. Play their game by downloading it here.

If you want more ideas like this then book onto Mathematics and Numeracy in PS1 (Nursery and Reception) on October 13th 2021.


You need one counter and a dice (a dice with numbers 1, 2 and 3 is ideal but you can play with an ordinary 1 – 6 dice)

The game is for 2 players – one will be Digit Dog and the other will be Calculating Cat.

Put the counter on Start. Both players move the same counter BUT Digit Dog moves towards the bone and Calculating Cat moves towards the fish. Take turns to throw the dice and see who gets their food first. There will be a lot of moving back and fro.

When children throw the dice ask them to say how many spots there are without counting in ones – this is called subitising.

If you enjoyed the game why not try the Incey Wincey Spider game from


Download drainpipes here.

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