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Developing reasoning skills with Digit Dog resources

Digit Dog resources on display for Developing Numerical Reasoning in the Foundation Phase course on March 2nd.


Use the headers and posters of the two characters to set up a mathematical challenge area.

The number cards in the Numicon® patterns are fun as the characters peep through the holes in the shapes. Roll the dice with pictures of Digit Dog arranged in the Numicon® patterns – can you recognise how many there are without counting?

Help Digit Dog to put the right number of bones in each box – how many are in the box? is that the right number? how do you know? how can you put it right?

What strategies did we use to solve Digit Dog’s challenge? Write each strategy on one of his bones so that you can use it again.

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Create a maths challenge area in your classroom with Digit Dog


Use the Digit Dog resources to set up your mathematical challenge area. Young children love the character and are keen to help him solve his mathematical problems.

  1. All resources needed for a challenge display are available on in English and Welsh. The Digit Dog Maths Challenges banner, posters of Digit Dog and his side-kick, Calculating Cat, and a selection of number lines are easy to download, print and go – complete with double-mounted border.
  2. Choose your challenge – use as a focus activity and part of enhanced provision:
    • the first page of the challenge booklets can be printed and put in the challenge area;
    • some images of Digit Dog’s challenges are available on the challenges page and there are many more on @BarnsleyLynwen;
    • encourage children to notice what Digit Dog has done wrong e.g. muddling up the numbers on the number line.
  3. Provide resources so that children can record answers in their own way e.g. postcards and a postbox or post-it notes.
  4. Display question starters and prompts both for the children and adults – What do you notice? What do you think?  Explain your thinking.

When you set up your area we’d love to see the results.