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Bottle Top Bugs – What do you notice?


Digit Dog and Calculating Cat have arranged their bugs in 4 rows of 4.

What do you notice?

How many ways can you finish the sentence?

I notice that……….

Screenshot 2018-06-06 12.20.39

Is Calculating Cat correct? Or has she made a mistake? Convince me. Explain your thinking.

What can you say about:

  • the rows?
  • the columns?
  • the number of bugs?
  • patterns in the numbers on the bugs’ backs?
  • diagonal patterns?
  • odd ones out?
  • totals of spots?
  • their eyes?
  • anything else?

Digit Dog is also asking What do you wonder?

Look at the bugs and finish the sentence – I wonder…………..

How many ways can you finish the sentence? You might say things like:

I wonder what the total of each row is……

I wonder which row has the lowest total……..

I wonder if I can arrnage the bugs in order………

Collect the I wonder statements to use as challenges and activities.

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What do you notice?

Screenshot 2018-06-20 11.59.22

What’s the same and what is different about the pairs of bugs?

What has Calculating Cat noticed about the spots?

What patterns can you see?

Look at each pair: which bug has more spots? which bug has fewer spots? How many spots do they have altogether?

What if you were making 6 spots with just one bug? What patterns would you see then?

What if you made other numbers of spots?