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Turn the cards

Digit Dog and Calculating Cat are playing a game of Turn the Cards

Turn the cards

You will need:

A set of digit cards and two dice

You can download some digit cards here  (if you print them double-sided they will have Digit Dog on the back) or you can just write numbers on pieces of paper. If you don’t have dice, there are free rolling dice apps that you can download.


  1. Put the cards 1 – 6 in order
  2. Player 1 throws the two dice and turns over the cards that match the dice – Digit Dog threw 2 and 3 so he will turn over the 2 card and the 3 card. Keep throwing the dice until you can’t turn over any more cards. The cards that are left showing are added together and that is Player 1’s score.
  3. It is now the next player’s turn. Put the cards in order again and throw the dice in the same way as Player 1.
  4. The winner is the one with the lower score.

Either play one round to find a winner or play 5 or 10 rounds, adding the scores of each round to give a final score.

Want more of a challenge?

Use digit cards from 1 – 12 and put them in order.

When you throw the dice you can:

  1. turn over the cards that match the numbers on the dice.
  2. add the two numbers and turn over the total.
  3. subtract the two numbers and turn over the answer.

As with the first game, your turn ends when you can’t turn over a card. Find your score by adding together all the cards still facing up.

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