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Which Square?

How to play Which Square?

A game for 2 players.

You need:

A game board (download here), two dice and 12 counters for each player.


  • Each player puts their counters on the board. They can put them on any number and more than one counter on a number if they wish.
  • Players take turns to throw 2 dice and to add the two numbers. If they have a counter on the total they have thrown, they can take it off. If they have more than one counter on the total, they just remove one.
  • The winner is the first to remove all 12 counters.

Digit Dog and Calculating Cat are playing the game. They both think that they will win. What do you think?

Which square

Look at where they have placed their counters. Who do you think will win? Why do you think that?

When you are playing the game do you notice that you get some totals more than others?

Which numbers are the best to put your counters on? Are there any numbers you don’t want to put your counters on? Can you explain why you think that?

Play the game a few times to see if your ideas work.

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