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Face Up

You need:

4 milk bottle tops with a face drawn on them.

bottle tops

About 50 small objects to keep score – you could use cocktail sticks, counters, buttons, dried beans, small pebbles, Lego pieces.

How to play:

  1. Decide how many rounds you want to play.
  2. Toss the bottle tops in the air and count how many fall with faces up and how many with faces down.

To score:

All 4 face up = 5 points

3 up and 1 down = 2 points

2 up and 2 down = 1 point

1 up and 3 down = 2 points

All 4 down = 5 points

Keep your score with the small objects. The player with most objects at the end of the agreed number of rounds wins.



You can keep score with pencil and paper instead of objects.

If you want an Easter theme, you can use mini eggs to keep score.

Use more bottle tops and make up your own scoring system.

Invent your own game.


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