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Two or More

The Two or More Game

You need:

A Two or More board (download here)

Cards numbered 1 – 9 (download here) or be like Digit Dog and use stones from the garden with numbers written on them.


Put the numbers on the squares so that the difference between each pair of numbers is 2 or more.

two or more

Digit Dog and Calculating Cat are playing Two or More.

Is Calculating Cat right? How do you know?

Which number couldn’t she put next? Can you explain your reasoning?

Is there more than one way of doing it? How do you know?

How could you record what you have done?

How did you decide where to put the numbers? What were you thinking about?

What if……..

…….the difference was 3 or more?

…….you made up a game of your own using the board and numbers?

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