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Making tens

bottletop bugs add to 10

What do you think? How many pairs of numbers can you find to make 10? How do you know you have found all the pairs?

What if………….

…….you looked for 3 numbers which, added together, make 10?

…….you looked for numbers with a difference of 1? What do you notice?

…….you made up some of your own questions?

You can do this activity by making some bottletop bugs. Collect milk bottle tops, draw some eyes and then number them 0 – 10

Screenshot 2020-03-26 19.07.06

or draw spots from 0 – 10

Screenshot 2020-03-26 19.07.14

or you can use digit cards (download here)

or write numbers on bits of paper

or you can make some number pebbles like these.

number pebbles 2

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