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Making ten with eggs

Digit Dog has got 10 mini Easter eggs and two baskets. He puts some eggs in one basket and the rest in the other. He’s trying to find out how many ways he can do this.

Try this yourself – if you don’t have eggs and baskets you can use any objects and containers you can find.

eggs in basket

eggs in basket Welsh

Let children try out some different ways of organising the eggs. Say:

I have ……..eggs in one basket and ……..eggs in the other. I have 10 eggs altogether.

…….. plus ……… is equal to 10.


How can you record what you have done? Children might take photos, draw pictures or write a number sentence.

How will you know you have found all the different ways? Can you explain how you know?

Do you notice any patterns?

What if………….

……….you put the eggs in the two baskets, then one person closes their eyes and another person takes away some eggs? Person 1 opens their eyes and works out how many eggs are missing. How did you work out how many were missing? Explain your thinking.

………you had three baskets?

…… had more than 10 eggs?


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