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Easter Race to 10

A game for any number of players.

You will need:

  • A 10 frame each (download here)
  • A dice with numbers 1 – 3, or a set of digit cards (download here double sided to have Digit Dog on the back) that are placed face down in a pile and then the top one is turned over for each turn
  • 10 eggs for each player (cut out eggs here or use mini chocolate eggs)

Take turns to throw the dice. Count the number of eggs and put them on the 10 frame. The first person to get 10 eggs wins.

As you play describe how many eggs you have:

“I have ……… eggs. I need ……….more to make 10”.

During the game take time to look at each other’s frames and talk about the numbers of eggs on each frame.

Use the sentences like Calculating Cat:

“I have ……… more eggs than you. You have …….fewer eggs than me.”

“I have …….fewer eggs than you. You have ……..more eggs than me.”

race to 10 eggs

How many eggs does Digit Dog have?

How many eggs does Calculating Cat have?

Who has fewer eggs? How many fewer? Explain how you know.

Who has more eggs? How many more?

How many more eggs does Digit Dog need to make 10? What about Calculating Cat?

Now play Race from 10

Start with 10 eggs. Throw the dice and take away that number of eggs. The first person to have no eggs is the winner.



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