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Playing with cards 2

Break the Bank at 27

A game for 2 – 5 players

You need:

A pack of playing cards – picture cards worth 10, Ace worth 1

To play

Deal out the whole pack of cards to players. Players put cards face down in a pile in front of them.

The first player turns over the top card and puts it in the centre. The next player puts their top card in the centre and adds the value of the two cards. Play continues like this, each player placing their card on the centre pile and adding the value to the total. When the total reaches 27 or more, that player takes the cards from the centre and puts them in their pile.

Screenshot 2020-06-08 10.44.23

For example, in this game:

Digit Dog put down 2 and said “2”.

Calculating Cat put down 9, added it to the 2 and said “11”

Digit Dog put down 6, added it to 11 and said “17”.

Calculating Cat put down 6, added it to 17 and said “23”.

Digit Dog is now hoping to turn over a 4 or more so that he can take the cards.

The game continues for an agreed time or until one player has no cards.

The winner is the player with most cards.


Give the Ace and picture cards different values e.g. A = 11, J = 12, Q = 13, K = 14.

Change the number that breaks the bank – make it more or less than 27.

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